Various Older Flicks

One Hitman, One Vampire, One Mind F**K – All Part of the Path, All Part of Our History

This was the precursor to Jigsaw. Our first really out of order style show which also used the same location for both this
and Jigsaw. Cool note: That is actually Chad Cole (the hitman’s) real life son Trace in the film.

This was a cool flick in the way it came about. We had used this location for our feature film Nightmare in the Attic,
and went back to visit the people who lent us the place. Got to talking and next you know we got it for another weekend.
Quickly wrote something up, called a couple actors and voila! Shot it for $5 worth of makeup and cost of tapes.

This was a non scripted shoot, where actor Brad Checknita was cool enough to just come over and act on a whim without
any preparation for the day. Shot over a few nights, he’d show up, we’d have ideas of things to shoot and we’d do it.
He plays all roles in the film except for one shot where a hand comes out of the closet in the background.