Hitman 101

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The biggest project to date…

In early 2011 I decided my next project would be an online series, and after a bit of thought decided the series would be about a hitman.  We commenced calling for actor submissions for a yet undecided storyline of an unwritten script, had a brief detour to make I’m Not A Superhero This Is Strictly Revenge, then had a eureka moment one evening and in five minutes I figured out the storyline (I tend to do this).

I started writing scenes and in turn we started using the scenes for casting sessions which started in April 2011.  Casting took a while as we wanted to do our due diligence and seek out the best possible actors (and overall people) we could for the series.  In some instances I wrote characters specifically for certain actors and also tailored characters to fit certain actors better.

I wrote and prepped and location scouted etc until we finally went to camera on July 4th 2011.  Then began the production saga that completed on Sept. 28th 2011. (you can read about our mis-adventures in the journal on the Hitman 101 site)  We pulled off shooting the 70 page script plus a bunch of bonus scenes on a shoestring budget and a crew that was essentially our sound guy Alex and our make-up girl Toby.

Picture editing went fairly smoothly, as I had the entire 12 episode series by November 1st.  I needed help to complete the rest of the post duties, and was fortunate to gather together a dedicated team : Marc Alexandre – Composer; Pranjal Verma – Visual Effects, and Alex Shamku – Post Sound Editor (who was also our location sound guy).

We had 3 episodes ready by Dec 28th 2011 – the day we released the series, releasing the first three episodes at once.  Then worked our tails off to keep ahead of my self imposed weekly release schedule until the series completed on Feb 29th 2012.

In less than 9 months we managed to complete a 12 episode, 90 minute series with over 70 minutes of bonus content mostly due to dedication and hard work… and there has already been a pay-off as we’ve been nominated for a Leo Award, accepted into several web series festivals, and won multiple awards including the Grand Prize at the LA Web Fest – Official Selection (and free trip) to the Marseille Web Fest in France in October 2012.

Official Trailer:

• WINNER Grand Jury Prize LA WebFest 2012 – Top Ten Series – Official Selection to Marseille Web Fest 2012

• Nominated for 7 Indie Soap Awards 2012 in New York including:
  Best Lead Actor, Best Guest Star, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Make-Up, Best VFX/Special FX, Best Directing, Best Drama Series.

• Nominated for 2012 Leo Award for Best Web Series

• WINNER 8 Outstanding Achievement Awards LA Web Fest:
  Writing, Editing, Direction, Producing, Cinematography, Composing, Lead Actor, Guest Star.

• Nominated for Man of the Hour Magazine’s 2013 Best of Awards – Georgie Daburas – Best Dramatic Actor.

• Official Selection HollyWeb Fest 2012.

• Official Selection LA WebFest 2012.

• Official Selection Mississauga Indie Film Fest 2012.

• WINNER Best Original Music Indie Intertube Awards.

• Nominated for 3 Indie Intertube Awards based on the 3 ep’s released in 2011 – Original Music, Sound Design, & Action Series.

Watch the Series: http://hitman-101.com