The Show

Hitman 101 is a 12 Episode Story Created Exclusively for the Web.  It revolves around the world of a hitman and the cavalcade of people – good and bad that inhabit this world.  The best genre description for it is probably “crime thriller”, but we didn’t want to make a show that was too polarizing, so it has elements of many genres throughout.  Though this will ultimately be determined by the viewer, we think we’ve made an engaging series with each episode having variety and intrigue that come together to tell a full story by the end of episode 12 and we’re excited to present our story to anyone who takes the time out to watch our efforts.


Some Lesson’s Can’t Be Taught In The Classroom


They say the first week is always the hardest – especially when you’re an assassin on a dangerous assignment in a city full of gangsters, thugs, femme fatales, and hardboiled cops who all seem hellbent on making it a bad week.  Georgie Daburas gives an award winning performance as “John Smith”, the central figure in writer/director Scott Staven’s unique action crime thriller series chronicling a not-so-ordinary week in the life of a mysterious assassin.


The Philosophy

We are web series fans.  Somewhere along the line we started watching them, and have watched all sorts of series, good and bad.  One thing we’ve come across on many occasions are unfinished web series.  By that we mean series that begin, maybe make it to the end of season one, then cease to exist for a variety of reasons.  Many of which end on a cliffhanger that will forever be unresolved.

We did not want that to happen, we did not want our first attempt at a web series to end unceremoniously.  So we wrote a series that tells a full story in season one (with the ability to continue onward, but not a necessity).

Whether we get one viewer or thousands, we aim to give as full an experience as possible.  Along with the 12 episode series, we will have this site full of bonus materials and content and pictures after the series is complete.


The Team

Hitman 101 is a micro budget production made by up and coming Vancouver B.C. based actors and crew, all volunteering their time and energy to bring the story to life.

The show is created by Scott Staven who since this is a microbudget production is wearing way too many hats on the project, including writing about pages in the third person.  Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Producer, Web Guy… he’s the one to blame for any of the shows shortcomings.

Any successes can be attributed to producer Paige Heuser, Co-Producer’s Ian Gustafson, Nick Westbridge, Georgie Daburas and the rest of the amazing cast and crew* that have lent a hand helping make this a reality.

* The Crew being Sound Guy Alex Shamku and Make-Up Artist Tzu-Jung Joyce Lee (Toby).
* Post Crew being Sound Designer/Sound Editor Alex Shamku, Composer Marc Alexandre,
and Visual Effects Artist Pranjal Verma.


The Goal

For the cast and crew – this being a volunteer project – the main goal per se, is exposure. We’d love it if this series could be a positive attribute for those involved to go further in their chosen professions.

For me personally(switching from third person to first)… this has been such a growing experience for me as a filmmaker that whether or not it is influential on my career in terms of opening doors, it was so worth it for furthering my development – and has only helped realize I still have so far to go, but also it re-affirmed how much passion I have for visual storytelling. I decided I wanted to make a web series, so I did. We kept an almost unattainable weekly release schedule because I decided we should push ourselves to treat it like it was a show with deadlines. All self perpetuation, no one pushing us other than ourselves, and we have what I believe to be a very solid show with a story that was worth the sleep deprivation and hit in the pocketbook. Having people watch the fruits of our labor is icing on the cake!


The Status


We shot all 12 episodes at once, like we were shooting a feature film and then planned* to fully edit all 12 episodes in preparation of releasing the series over a set schedule without fail. *That didn’t happen. We completed the first 3 episodes and released them on Dec 28th 2011, then worked our asses off to complete the Music, Audio and Visual FX for each of the remaining 9 episodes while keeping a weekly release schedule through to Feb 29th 2012. We pulled it off and our 12 episode series is now complete and online for anyone to watch (and hopefully enjoy…).

We also have included over 70mins of bonus scenes and making of type videos (which almost all contain spoilers so please watch the series first!).

Plus, we have two “Easter Eggs” on our site which if there was ever a season two give an indication of some of the storylines.   They can be found through links that are somewhat hidden on two of the pages on the site. Good luck UPDATE – we’ve now made it easier for those inclined to see where season two might be headed >> CLICK HERE

**Please note – We built this website ourselves and have no formal training in web design… so there is trial and error.  If you happen to come across the site one day and it isn’t working properly, it is probably a minor glitch that will be worked out.  We will continue to tweak the site and add content until… we are out of content.  For now the site is always under construction.  



There should be a Contact Us Button you can click in the top right corner of this page, or contact us directly at: info.badguyfilms (at) gmail (dot) com

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