This is our page to attribute all the Royalty Free Music and Sounds that helped make Hitman 101.


Episode 1:
We used several jazz tracks from Soundtrack Pro’s Music Library.
Used the Beginning of the song “Shot in the Back of the Head (ambient)” from Moby Gratis

Episode 2:
Used a Song called “Epic Cinematic Trailer” from Audio Jungle

Episode 3:
Used a Song called “Watchout” from Digital Juice’s StackTraxx

Episode 7:
Made a track out of loops in Soundtrack Pro for the massage parlor radio

Episode 8:
Used the song “Outlaw Beats” from Audio Jungle

Episode 10:
Used a Crescendo from Pro Scores mixed into an original score

Episode 12:
Used a song called “Silverlight” from Pro Scores
Used the song “Shot in the Back of the Head (ambient)” from Moby Gratis for which we have a license to use.

We also used numerous tracks from:
Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″”
- Underscore in Episodes 5 & 8
- Fight Track Episode 6
- Ringtone Episode 10
- Opera Music Episode 11 & 12 Sound Effects Contributions:

Episode 1:
bush1 by schademans
bush4 by schademans
backup-truck by corsica-s

Episode 2:
stevenclaylaughloop by nicstage
passingcar01 by pingel
locomotive-2-near-horn-approaching by patchen
footsteps-streety-nr by freqman
newspaper by osivo
chairscrape4 by sinatra314
00987-car-diesel-passing-by-8 by robinhood76
sh-shop-door-bell-openclose by shall555
swallowing-water by razzvio

Episode 3:
sound-street1 by zippi1
light-switch by twistedlemon
20060308-police siren by dobroide
garbled-3 by erh
garbled-6 by erh
location by erh
10-4 by erh
garbled-male by erh
suctiontool by donalfonso
bushhit by j1987

Episode 6:
fauxsgells2 by noisecollector
fauxshell by noisecollector
shell by noisecollector
light switch click by blimp66
cracking knucles by cgeffex
wrist-grabbed by filmfan87

Episode 7:
01762 whoosh by robinhood76
voltage-drop by incarnadine
tv by ljudman
klader by zoom h4

Episode 9:
rbh-household-curtain by rhumphries
rby-freight-train-by by rhumphries
dogs by oyez
metal push door open by pagancow
shower by hell_quote_s_sound_guy
hoover moving by fogma
highheelswendylow by acclivity
door slams-r by ddohler
diesel-locomotive moving 20 cars whistle blast by bansemer

Episode 10:
dorm door opening by pagancow
luffy water 2 by luffy
shop door knocks original by fogma
door 1 by erh
swallowing by redjim
phone5 by rwm28
doorbell2 by guitarguy1985
farmyard ambience revisited by benbocan
cupboard open closing by j1987
setting down glass bottle by rpew1

Episode 11:
metal door push open by pagancow
dagger2 by halleck
farmyard ambience revisited by benbocan
wrist grabbed by filmfan87
door hits wall by rocky12345

Episode 12:
bigdogbarking 02 by mich3d
epic whoosh by ecodtr
shell by noisecollector
farmyard ambience revisited by benbocan
dropping a file on end 01 by joedeshon
01367 cinema swoosh 3 by robinhood76
clothxtra foley flap by martian