These are all the bonus materials that coincide with the 12 episode series Hitman 101. All contain SPOILERS  in one way or another, so they are best viewed after watching the entire series, though Police Interview Room 217 can be viewed safely after episode 9.

Police Interview Room 217

One of the many Interview Rooms at the Downtown METRO Police Dept Station.  There are 3 interviews that are of interest to the happenings the week of July 17-23rd 2011.

IA Surveillance

Room 317 was thought to be a deadzone at the Downtown METRO Police Dept Station, a place where conversation could be had in private without worry… that was until IA managed to get a spy camera in the room to check up on things. Numerous conversations relevant to the July 17-23rd week were recorded.

From the Evidence Locker

There were numerous tapes found at a certain basement suite and on those tapes some evidence was leaked.

Cast Interviews

Georgie, Laura, Tim, Jackie, Nathan, Momona, Dominika, Darren, Wendy and Phil all joined us for a fun day of interviews.

Extras & Behind the Scenes

Various videos dealing with the making of Hitman 101.

The Hitman 101 Trivia Game!

After watching the show, see how much you recall and play our 25 question brain teaser.

Let’s Talk Season 2…

A page for those who wish to learn more about where the story could go in season 2 and include input of their own.