This is where we feature crew and whoever else helped make Hitman 101 happen.

Regular Crew:


Scott Staven

Bad Guy Films


Paige Heuser


Ian Gustafson

Nick Westbridge

Georgie Daburas

Sound/Boom Op:

Alex Shamku


Tzu-Jung Toby Lee

Post Production:

Post Sound:

Alex Shamku

Original Music:

Marc Alexandre

Visual Effects:

Pranjal Verma

Steven Summerall

Additional Crew:

Casting Director: Josette Jorge

Facebook Fan Page | Acting Teacher at New Image College of Fine Arts

Promotional Photographer: Seth Rutledge

Model Mayhem Site | Twitter


(various links to people and companies that helped us create the show, whether it be on set, rentals or purchases)

Prop Weapons and Costumes: Ian Gustafson -

Armourer and SPFX Coordinator: Jon Funk -

Best selection of Airsoft Weapons For Purchase: War Craft Games -

Lorne Lapham Sales & Rentals –

Thomas Special Effects-

Genesis Matrix Video –

Beehive Locksmith –

Super Special Thanks to:

(people and companies that helped us out with locations, food, lending us stuff, support etc)

Shaun and Monica Heuser (

Hennisea Hoy and Ric S. Lee

The Brazeau Family

Melissa at Basic Nature (

Margret Heckmann

Enid Heuser

John Morgan – La Fontana Caffe (Facebook Group)

Rick Fast – Canadian Heritage Timber Company (

Capilano University Film Program (

New Image College of Fine Arts (

Victoria Angell

Seth Rutledge

Nadia Santoro aka Awesome Coffee Drinker Who Rules

Andrew Duckmanton & Jordan Torgerson

Marty Gage (

Aaron Hughes

Shelley Blomme

Timothy Lyle

Alex Shamku and Hannah Schreier

Tzu-Jung Toby Lee

Ian Gustafson (show would not have remotely happened without his involvement)

Georgie Daburas (did way more than just act in the show.  A big contributor throughout production even on days he wasn’t in it)

Mom & Dad (for the awesome food for our Chilliwack shoot and for being supportive of this endeavor)





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