In March 2012, we were contacted by regarding being part of an article on making a web series. We obliged and one night I sat down and wrote a bunch of stuff off the top of my head in reply to the questions/areas of interest they had for the article. I wrote way more than they used… so I thought I’d include what I wrote in it’s entirety on our site to share with others. Hopefully there is some benefit in it. I am also open to answering questions (or trying to answer) if anyone embarking on a series wishes to contact me. info(dot)badguyfilms(at)gmail(dot)com    *please note the title “How to make a Web Series” is used to attract people to the site/page.  There is snippets of info that may be valuable to some, but not enough to legitimately teach you how to make a web series – the good thing though, there is no set description of what a series is, so make what you desire to make!