Welcome to our list of links that may or may not be of interest to you. Hopefully there is something on here you’ll discover that will make looking it over worthwhile…

LA WebFest Top Ten Winners Selected for Marseille Web Fest (other than us):


Out With Dad


El Porvenir- click CC on youtube video for English subtitles.

The Syndicate

The Booth at the End

Gigi: Almost American

Off Screen

Fight Night Legacy – haven’t found this series online yet.


also, check out the winner of the inaugural HollyWeb Fest: Headshots


also, joining us in Marseille: Guidestones


Other Vancouver Based Web Series:


Pantheon – A Gritty War Drama that actually spans the globe.


The Vetala – A supernatural thriller about a hostile, yet conflicted spirit from the pages of Sanskrit mythology, and the succession of people it travels through.


Naomi The Show – The simple story of a small town girl in the big city who is a superconducting magnet for crazy.


Divine – Coping with his loss of faith, a young priest has his world turned upside-down when he witnesses the resurrection of an immortal being named Divine.


Standard Action – A Dungeons & Dragons inspired fantasy comedy. Now onto shooting season 2 which they were able to crowd fund from being such a popular show. We met them at the Fan Expo and we support them wholeheartedly because they are all driven artists but also super nice.


Bob & Andrew – A witty dialogue rich comedy about two best friends, one gay, one straight. (it’s pretty funny).


The Jim – A sitcom about a washed-up pro football player who opens a gym while struggling to keep his anxiety order in check… along with his unique staff.


Police Cops – They ain’t just cops, they’re Police Cops. Unique comedy about life as an undercover.


White Collar Poet – A mockumentary about an insurance broker turned aspiring street poet spurned by a dissolving marriage.


Om Sweet Om – A comedy that centers around a yoga studio and it’s unique instructor.


Rise ‘n’ Shine Og – About an adorably hateful British Woman living in Canada trying to make her way through the world one morning at a time.


Plaid Men – The story of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce in sock-puppet form, and delves into the turbulent times on Madison Avenue in 1966. Life is hard in the Swinging Sixties, especially when you don’t have arms .


4 Villains – This series hails from Vancouver Island. We were neighbors at the Van Fan Expo. All totally cool people, with a hell of a lot of determination to make their series a success… which it could very well be, given it’s out of the box style, by making it an interactive series where it’s fans get to be involved in the shaping of storylines and the building of a community of online super villains.


Study in Vancouver:


Capilano University Film Program – The core group that made Hitman 101 all attended Capilano University. Scott Staven, Paige Heuser, Ian Gustafson, and Nick Westbridge all graduated from the Film Studies Program. But, when they graduated it was Capilano College and the film program was a diploma program. The school has now expanded exponentially and offers 4 year degrees in film and is opening a new multi million dollar state of the art film center on campus.


Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (Van Arts) – The school Georgie Daburas, Hitman 101′s Lead Actor attended for acting. Having met the head of the acting for film and television dept. Chilton Crane and hearing Georgie talk about the intensive nature of the program and the dedicated nature of Chilton and staff, we recommend anyone looking into studying in Vancouver to check Van Arts out as an option.


New Image College of Fine Arts – Several people involved in Hitman 101 attended New Image, including Nathan Durec in the acting program and our makeup artist Toby Lee in the makeup program. Our Casting Director Josette is an acting teacher there and was kind enough to let us hold auditions on the campus. The campus, being the penthouse of a beautiful heritage building in Vancouver is really cool, and the people we met during our time there were super nice and the school is very well run. Having watched some of the class project short films, we can attest that upon graduating any acting student leaves with ample content for a demo reel to show agents and casting directors.


Web Series We Watch(ed) & Recommend:


The Guild – By far and away the best series we’ve watched and continue to follow, now in it’s fifth season.


The Legend of Neil – Having played Zelda a few times this series made us laugh our ass off. Clever, vulgar and hilarious.


Cop Hard – Best explanation we can come up with is Dirty Harry if made by Hunter S. Thompson.


The Acting Class – Believe this is locally made series. Very unique and often hilarious satirical look at what it takes to be an actor. Not all the episodes are numbered, but if you start from the bottom and work up you can watch in order.


Aidan 5 – The amount of work put into this series is astonishing. A graphic novel sci-fi noir. Deserves views!


Pretty the Series – Not even sure how to describe it… lets go with this and you can find out for yourself – a hard hitting documentary about the rigors of life on the “Little Miss” Pageant Circuit ;) .


Out With Dad – A well made series about a single father and his daughter, tackling one of the most relevant subjects of now – and doing so with a thoughtful, engaging, entertaining series.


Blood and Bone China – The locations and costumes alone make this one worth a view. An extremely polished series with what we consider a perfect web design for a web series site.


Bandwagon – Excellent satirical reality series starring familiar tv faces as themselves trying to develop a network tv show. (best to watch the Bandwagon Movie on youtube first to be up to speed for the series).


Once You Leave – Beautifully filmed story about finding where home is.


The Vault – Currently my favorite series I’ve watched! Such a crazy cool concept. Highly recommend. They attended the Marseille Web Fest with us so I decided to check out their show and I was floored.


Sites Promoting Web Series:


Indie Intertube – Probably the best web series news & reviews site on the web with both a radio show and weekly live video show. Co-hosts Destini & Shadhavar are trailblazers and were recognized for their efforts recently with a nominee for the inaugural IAWTV Awards for Best Hosted Live Web Show.


Web Series Today – Lists various web series whenever a new episode or series comes out. Provides news relevant to the web and web series.


IAWTV – Organization that recognizes excellence in web series & works toward furthering the medium.


Series From Friends We Met at LA Web Fest:

The highlight of attending the festivals in LA (HollyWeb Fest included) was meeting all sorts of Web Series creators from all walks of life from all over the globe. We highly recommend if you make a web series that you consider attending these events. One weekend of making new friends and sharing stories and enjoying each others creations has already made us feel that making Hitman 101 was worth it! Here are series from our new friends and cool people we crossed paths with on our trip:

The Inland Sea Travel Web Series

Flat Whites

Hollywood Girl

The Big Dick Mike Show

The Maurizio Show

On Empty

Couch Surfers

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