For lack of better name, here are some “Miscellaneous” Pages for Hitman 101:

Link World – Loads of Links that may or may not be of interest. Other web series, sites we visit, cast and crew links etc.


If you enjoyed Hitman 101, check out some of our previous work:

Short Film – No One Gets Hurt – This was the film we made coming off a long hiatus from filmmaking, and the result of our efforts gave us the initiative to continue on with our passion – thus Hitman 101 had a chance to be.


Trailer – I Am Not A Superhero This Is Strictly Revenge – This was our first effort under our Bad Guy Films Banner, a last minute entry into the Hobo With A Shotgun Fake Trailer Contest.


Short Film – Jigsaw – This has a tie in to Hitman 101, so make sure you’ve watched the series first!


Feature Film – Nightmare in the Attic - Though amateur-ish and very low budget, we once made a feature film… actually one of the first films we attempted was this feature.  After many iterations of the edit, it isn’t a half bad film, in fact we’ve had some people exclaim how much they enjoyed it (while others have said the opposite).  Dare to enter the nightmare? (yes… that was cheesy)


How To Make A Web Series – the unabridged notes we wrote for the article on making a web series.