You think you know Hitman 101?? Now is your chance to prove it! Answer 18 or more correct and be enshrined on the Hitman 101 Trivia Wall of Fame. Answer all 20 plus the 5 bonus questions right and be put on an even higher pedestal and receive a prize*!

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***These questions are intended for those who watched the series and wanted to have some fun testing how much they recall from watching it.  The questions contain SPOILERS!!***









Trivia Questions:


01)  What reason does Captain Hollis give Detective Madsen for why they cannot put surveillance on our anti-hero “John Smith”?


02)  How does John keep sane?


03)  What is the name of the first hit on the list John completes? *Bonus point for full name.


04)  What causes the second hit to go astray?


05) When John is interviewed by the cops he tells them the reason he was at the scene of the crime was he was on his way to work.  What is the job he tells them he does?


06) In episode 6 John meets and battles a rival hitman in an underground parking garage and storage room.  From the conversation they have, what genre of movie could we deduce the rival hitman likes?


07)  In the Assassin’s Creed, “everyone’s first hit is…” what?


08) John makes or attempts to make 2 phone calls in the series.  Who does he call with the first phone call?


09) What never solves girl problems?


10)  Why does Captain Hollis seem to hate Detective Madsen so much?


11)  What are the two “weapons” Eva uses most often to get what she wants?


12) Aside from the video camera, what other memento does John keep?


13)  John meets two women at the cafe.  Name one of them.


14)  Though the “code” they use is never explained, where do they find the code that tells them when and where they hit the next target?


15)  Who says this warning to John: “don’t trust anyone… especially women” ?


16)  To get target 3, Eva and John pretend to be different people to get into his apartment.  What do they pretend to be – She is a ______? And he is her _______??


17)  Who is John’s fifth target?


18)  3 people are knocked out using a Taser Gun in the series.  Name 2.


19)  John knocks out a fair amount of people in the series, but only one person does he knock out twice.  Who?


20)  How many of the assignments does John actually complete during the week?


Bonus Questions:


01)  What is the real last name of the “Disappearing Man” ?


02)  At the beginning of Hitman 101 John kills a man and takes over his basement suite.  John does have a justifiable reason to kill the man other than just      to usurp his home. What is the reason?


03)  In what episode is it revealed John’s assignment is different than the other rival Hitmen?


04)  Who was John Smith’s mentor?


05)  The 5 contracts John Smith took on over the course of the week… who was behind the hit list he got?


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