Sept 22nd 2012 – Unofficial End of the Updates/News for Hitman 101 – any new updates will happen via our social media sites.  This series has been such a great experience on many levels – from growing as a filmmaker to meeting & becoming friends/collaborators with new people.  The series is available to be discovered and we hope enjoyed.  Thanks to those who do discover us and please share the series if you like it!  Though it’s been hard to actually move on, it’s truly time to create new stories!!

Sept 15th 2012 – It’s been a while since an update, but not too much has transpired to warrant an update. Not sure if the shows shelf life is up, but it has been fairly quiet in regards to happenings with it. I do sometimes feel like I’m attempting to get blood from a stone, as I do continue to pursue avenues to further the shows reach despite what might be categorized as waning interest… ALAS:  someone enjoyed our series;   we’re now part of another syndicate site –;   I’ve uploaded samples of our official posters as part of our photo galleries;    I attempted to get a screening at a theater for cast & crew (only to have it not happen for reasons I cannot explain – sore spot…);   and created a page for those who wish to support our series- which includes something I love to attempt to make – T-Shirts!

Aug 8th 2012 – A Review… well more of a nice plug for the series on a site called Bloody Underrated >> CLICK HERE TO READ <<

Aug 8th 2012 – Interviewed in German! Well, translated into German, the interview was in English.  A cool guy named Rodja saw the series then seeked us out to find out more with designs to do an article on the series.  If you speak German – enjoy >> CLICK HERE TO READ <<

July 29th 2012 – Our Cast Interview page is up and running! (in Bonus Menu) 10 solo interviews plus 4 group interviews. Over 65 mins of new content pushing us to over 2hrs of extra video content for the show. Still have one more group video to edit… but it may be a while before I get to it. Planning on taking a month’s hiatus in August from Hitman 101 to do some new writing – though this page will be updated if anything pertinent comes up. Hope everyone who happens upon this page has a wonderful summer!

July 29th 2012 – Hitman 101 is playing at the Mississauga Independent Film Festival this weekend. Not sure how it’s been received (showing ep’s 1, 2 & 3), but we did get one cool report – the creator of Out With Dad – a show we highly recommend, is in attendance and had nice things to say via Twitter: “Attn: dudes of @badguyfilms, your second episode looked amazing on the big screen. Can’t wait for ep3 tomorrow. #MIFF”  **Out With Dad won the Best Web Series Award at the Festival**

July 26th 2012 – A Review! Will Viharo from Placevine Studios seems to have enjoyed the show giving it 4 1/2 out of 5 labelling it a “Bullseye without the Bull” >> CLICK HERE TO READ <<

July 22nd 2012 – The site Next Projection has started a section on their site called “Stream” for short films and web series. We are fortunate in the fact the site’s CEO watched Hitman 101 and enjoyed it a lot. So, as another avenue of exposure for us the show is now being highlighted through Next Projection’s Site: >> CLICK HERE <<

July 14th 2012 – We’ve been on Koldcast TV since late May 2012. Unfortunately though, the show wasn’t getting many views on the channel. I contacted them, suggesting a re-brand of the artwork, and they worked with me last weekend – we re-branded the look of the artwork for the series on their site and changed up the taglines and descriptions of the show. So far it’s yielded some success. At the time of this update we’ve had a week that’s seen over 50,000 views.

July 8th 2012 – We unveiled our Official Trailer for the series and created the Cast Interview page in the Bonus Menu – >> CLICK HERE FOR CAST INTERVIEW PAGE << We have at least 10 more interivews to add to the page, but in the dog days of summer are having a hard time finding the motivation to edit them. Will update when they’re there though…

July 5th 2012 – Officially Selected for the Mississauga Film Festival July 26-29 2012.  Some fellow web series creator friends suggested it was a good festival to send our series to as they have a segment for web series and co-producer Nick Westbridge lives in Toronto so we hope he’ll go represent for us! We’ll be screening (competing?) with Out With Dad (awesome show!) and White Collar Poet (also Vancouver made).  Best part is it’s at an AMC Theater, so Hitman 101 legitimately gets to play on the big screen!

July 4th 2012 – The One Year Anniversary of the day we started shooting Hitman 101 last summer.  We began by shooting scene one, where “The Collector” comes home to find someone in his house…  To commemorate this day, we made an actual trailer for the series – which will now be premiered on Sunday July 8th on Indie Intertube’s Live Show, along with an extended main cast interview.  There is new content on the site as of today too – a new photo gallery titled “The Best of the Rest” which is a gallery of a bunch of the great unused photos Seth Rutledge took during our 2 photo sessions >> CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM <<

On this day, the plan was that we’d step away from the series to concentrate on writing new things and just to take a break in general, but we still have all the cast interviews to edit… so the journey will continue until that’s done.  It’s been a great journey and one we are so happy we took.  We may also have news of being Officially Selected into another festival.  We’re listed on their site but haven’t received confirmation yet, so as soon as we get confirmation we’ll post about it (in the event it isn’t just a typo).

 July 3rd 2012 – Part of an interesting article on Crime Web Series on the web >> CLICK HERE TO READ <<

June 22nd 2012 – Came across this post on a forum.  It is really cool when we get discovered by someone: 

With little playing on “The Canada Channel” in 4 different time zones and 50 cities across the country on this poor excuse of a satellite TV service, I sought to find something to help fill the void of good TV while I’m stuck up here. Browsing the net for some web series I can watch on the Samsung Smart TV installed on my family’s livingroom wall, I came across a web series called Hitman 101.

It’s a story told from a hitman’s point of view and a pretty good psychological thriller. The series is reminiscent of the movie Hitman to me. The main character goes through several internal struggles, sometimes questioning himself. He talks to a camera as a coping mechanism, to keep himself “sane”, as he put it.

I started watching this series expecting to roll me eyes throughout but ended up loving it. It’s well written, IMO, using unknown actors. It’s a 12-part series and the end reveals why and how he became a hit man.


June 18th 2012 – Koldcast TV did an innovative article to help spread the word of Hitman 101 >> CLICK HERE TO READ <<

June 17th 2012 – Held cast interviews. A really fun day where a bunch of us got together again and had a great time catching up and doing some interviews. Paige played interviewee while Ian nanned the camera and Alex took care of sound. Scott is the one stuck with the 3 hrs of footage to sift through…

June 13th 2012 – Laura has a fan! >> CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ARTICLE <<

June 12th 2012 – An interesting opportunity has come our way… we’ve been invited to screen during a Cosplay Convention in Vancouver this August. Interesting in the fact I have no idea how we’ll be received at such an event. But part of the plan was to take opportunities that come our way and this is another opportunity to grow the series and meet new people (and potentially some extremely interesting people too!) – The “Cos & Effect” Convention is Aug 24-26th on UBC grounds – >> CLICK HERE FOR MORE <<

June 7th 2012 – The series was added to a portal for Canadian web series content. With the series complete and available, the emphasis now continues to be get it out to the world as best we can. The day is coming soon where the emphasis is going to be new projects, but until that day we’ll keep promoting the series as best we can. (it’s hard work!)

May 30th 2012 – The Leo Awards posted photos from the Celebration Awards night at the Leo’s and we’re prominent… our beautiful ladies especially.  Also check out the pics of the Divine Team looking stellar with the Leo Award for Best Web Series (pics start with Divine himself doing the devil horns).  >> CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHOTOS <<  Watch Divine:

May 26th 2012 – Laura went back to the Leo’s on Saturday night for the Gala Event and looked stunning on the red carpet (12th pic) – >>CLICK HERE FOR RED CARPET PIC<< **one thing I should point out. There seems to be a gypsy curse on Hitman 101 where people always f@%k up something in regards to the spelling of the title or the names of the people involved (for example in the Leo’s program our series was made by the creators of the web series Police Cops which was listed below us in the program). Even on a night where she attended on her own, Laur-Q-a Adkin couldn’t avoid the curse.

She was also featured in the Georgia Straight: CLICK HERE TO SEE

May 25th 2012 – Attended the Leo Awards… a group of around 18 of us from the series attended and had a blast. It was a super fun way to cap the series off so to speak. Everyone looked amazing all dressed up and the event itself was top notch. Very happy our friends Divine the Series won the award for Best Web Series. They are awesome spokespeople for the web series community (and just plain awesome people in general) and the award should help them in their efforts to continue on the series. If you haven’t watched Divine yet, please do! They have raised the bar on what an indie series can bring to the web –

May 25th 2012 – We are now on Koldcast TV! >> WATCH <<

May 23rd 2012 – An unique thing happened today. A guy named Erik, otherwise known as “The Snobby Robot” Live Tweeted while watching the series. I managed to follow along and found it entertaining. >> CLICK HERE TO READ TRANSCRIPT OF LIVE TWEET <<

He also did a follow up blog on the series and it would seem as though he liked it! >> CLICK HERE TO READ <<

May 18th 2012 – Of all the goals of Hitman 101, the main focus has been attempting to get the show out to as many people as we possibly can. Despite a lot of work… too much time spent really, we’ve yet to make much of an impact audience-wise. Hopefully today we’ve changed that slightly. We now have a licensing agreement signed with Koldcast TV that will see Hitman 101 as one of the shows on their platform. Thanks to Jonathan Robbins, creator of Clutch the Series who got me in contact with the CEO of Koldcast… who watched and loved Hitman 101! Am in the process of getting the necessary content to them, but in the not too distant future our series will be on a site where they have a built in audience who enjoy web series and a company who will actively promote our series.

May 14th 2012 – 4 Geeks Media ( posted a video about the Vancouver Fan Expo including interviews with our fellow web series creators Standard Action & 4Villains, and one Georgie Daburas. >>CLICK HERE TO WATCH<<

May 2nd 2012 – This one is a fairly “big one”… we were one of the 5 B.C. made series nominated for a Leo Award for best webseries. Why big? 1) It is B.C.’s premier film industry awards. 2) It was one of main goals we planned to reach when we decided to make a web series. Winning of course is another question, but honestly, getting to attend with our team is a pretty sweet reward unto itself!

May 1st 2012 – Georgie was interviewed by Rogue Cinema – >>CLICK HERE TO READ<<

April 23rd 2012 – Tim Lyle does The Kaufman Show! Listen as he disses my beloved Canucks and totally gives out the wrong website address.

April 21-22 2012 – We had a booth at the Vancouver Fan Expo!Such a fun weekend spent hanging with members of the cast getting to introduce our series to hopefully new fans and meeting ACTUAL fans who had watched the series! No idea how much of an impact the booth will have on growing our audience, but it was loads of fun. The cast were even asked for autographs and pictures which made it even more memorable.

April 12th 2012 – A bit more press – >> CLICK HERE TO READ <<

April 11th 2012 – A bit of press – >> CLICK HERE TO READ <<

April 9th 2012 – This one is pretty cool.. I was contacted by asking if I’d take part in an article about making a web series. Of course I said yes and spent an evening writing out as much info as I could and weeks later they sent me an email the article is up. We are now featured in an article on! >> CLICK HERE TO READ <<

April 8th 2012 – An Awesome night for Hitman 101!! Brought home 9 Awards at the LA Web Festival including the Grand Prize – being chosen as one of the top ten series (out of 178) to be part of the prestigious Marseille Web Festival in France later this year! A slightly surreal moment as we assumed they had the Canadian content filled as 3 other awesome series had already been chosen… and they waited until 10 to call our name. The vacation was amazing as was our time at both festivals meeting some great people and watching lots of wicked series – which we will be adding onto our Links World Page!

March 31st – April 9th 2012 – Using two web series festivals as our catalyst to go, we went on a weeks vacation to Los Angeles. Such a great vacation that included having some our cast and crew join us. Attended the Hollyweb Fest on the 31st which was a fun time where we met loads of cool web series creators, then went vacation mode for a week, then attended the LAweb Fest on the 7 and 8th… which we mention above :)

April 5th 2012 – Emily Intravia reviewed Hitman 101 for Rogue Cinema. >>CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW<<

April 5th 2012 – Tracy Ladd reviewed Hitman 101 for her site Reel Goddess. >>CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW<<

March 30 2012 – From the make sure we get a screen shot picture of this… We will be attending the Vancouver Fan Expo April 21-22 and have a booth where we promote the series. The website people for the Fan Expo must be optimistic that we’ll eventually make an impact and have listed our cast as celebrity guests (which they totally deserve as they are all stars in our books!). Sharing a page with Batman and Robin, Hercules, Worf, and Bobba Fett = Pretty F’ing Cool! >> Click Here to See <<

March 30 2012 – In what might be the best indirect accomplishment of Hitman 101, Alex Shamku has decided to actually pursue a career in sound and has been accepted into the Vancouver Film School’s Sound Design for the Visual Media program as of last Friday. Dude is going to be a sound cyborg soon enough. We are excited about the idea of having the we knew him then story. Congrats Alex! We know your drive and talents will take you far.

March 24th 2012 – Added Outtakes to the rest of our Bonus Content which gives us over 70 minutes of bonus videos to accompany the 90 minute series! Now, we’re off to LA on the 31st to enjoy a vacation and take part in the 2 Web Festivals in LA (which I’m sure we’ll report on). If possible we aim to do some cast interviews and maybe a few commentaries on the series, but other than that… Hitman 101 is complete! Which is pretty cool for us since we didn’t start writing the script until April 2011. From creation to completion in less than a year is an accomplishment we’re pretty proud of! Whoever reads this – Thanks for watching and for visiting the site.

March 22nd 2012 – Paul Pritchard of Pulp Movies did a brief write up about the series. >> CLICK HERE TO READ <<

March 12th 2012 – I have had the odd Twitter exchange with the Chief Editor and Founder of Next Projection over the past year in regards to both of our love of movies. I decided I’d see if he would be interested in watching our series and he said yes! He watched it over the course of two days tweeting about it throughout and ended it by saying this: “Hats off to @badguyfilms for their webseries #Hitman101. And absolute blast from start to finish.” He even went so far as to promote our series on his site for a week.   Next Projection is a great site for film fans.  They love movies and write insightful reviews – check them out: 

March 11th 2012 – Proud to announce that Marc Alexandre has co-won Best Original Score at the Indie Intertube Web Series Awards today. Really cool that all the hard wok he put in on creating the music for the series has been recognized! We are also under the impression from what was said today during the awards that the awards were based solely on 2011, which means we could potentially be up for some awards next year too. Regardless of that, having a major part of the post production team getting honored is more than ample reward for us!

Feb 29th 2012 – Indie Intertube watched episode 12 and gave it the “DRAMA OF THE WEEK” award! Let’s just say we should be using what they said as promotional material. Thanks to Indie Intertube for watching web series and caring enough about the medium to talk about it! We managed to download the podcast and have made a sound file of the review segment for our cast & crew to hear the kind things they say about our hard work!!

Sometimes player above doesn’t work. CLICK HERE to hear the review if instead of player there is a white box.
Feb 29th 2012 – New Image College of Fine Arts did a nice write up about our series because it features a few of their graduates. Very happy to see Toby get some kudos along with Denton and Nathan! CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Feb 29th 2012 – We released episode 12. Hooray us!! In around 7 months time we managed to pull off shooting and releasing a 12 episode 90 minute series without any financial backing, a crew that never exceeded 4 people on any given shoot and a post crew of 3. We did good! Thank you to the cast and crew that helped us pull this off and make what we think is a compelling series!

Feb 28th 2012 – We get to the point of reaching our goal of completing our series on time and YouTube decides to throw a loaded curveball into our plans… Sigh… Youtube assigns the thumbnail choices your video shows as a picture before the video plays. They give you 3 choices. Two of those choices are full on spoilers. We switched it to the least spoiling picture… yet it won’t update. It remains on a huge spoiler and will not switch to the thumbnail we saved it as. So, come midnight when we release the episode on our site it will be our back up video and will remain our backup video until the youtube issue is resolved. No one ever said this would be easy.

Feb 24th 2012 – Indie Intertube announced it’s nominees for it’s 2nd Annual Indie Intertube Awards and we were fortunate to get a few nominations. Alex Shamku was nominated for Best Sound Design. Marc Alexandre for Best Original Score. Hitman 101 for Best Action Series. Extremely Happy that two members of our post team are getting a bit of acknowledgement for their fine work!

Feb 24th 2012 – On the day we’re officially completed post on the series after working on it for 12 weeks straight to keep ahead of the schedule, we also find out we got accepted into another festival! The Hollyweb Fest which is also in L.A. … now we really need to figure out vacation plans!

Feb 4th 2012 – Our BIG news of the day was we were accepted into this year’s LA Web Fest, which is great because it was one of our goals to be a part of when we decided to make the series. Great excuse to go on a vacation!

Feb 2nd 2012 – Did some work on this site and am quite happy with the results! Turns out this theme created by
Press 75 has a function called “Instant View”, which gives the ability to merely click on a photo or thumbnail and have a window pop up with the episode youtube video in it. So from now on, visitors can instantly start watching the series right from the main page. Basically we now have extreme simplicity for viewing the series on our site – which had been a sticking point with me that to watch an episode one was forced to go to a specific page. But no more!

Jan 25th 2012 – Episode 7 successfully gets released! That’s sarcasm. Ugh, bad week. It began with a first failed attempt of uploading episode 7. Then like 30 other failed attempts as it seems Youtube has a bit of a bug with uploading high quality videos… then it became worse when Episode 6, a day after being released disappeared off youtube saying we deleted it – which we did not. Then we couldn’t re upload it because Youtube had a glitch. Luckily this past Monday the uploads seem to be working again but our confidence in Youtube is a bit shot these days and so much time was put into uploads and trying to figure out the upload issue we did lose valuable post production time.

This wasn’t so much an update but a reminder to ourselves of the roadblocks in the journey of successfully getting a web series to air. Not sure if this will affect us meeting our release dates or not, but we definitely have lost our 3 week window we had before Christmas. (am uploading eps 8 & 9 today so we hope to at least be 2 weeks ahead).

Jan 11th 2012 – Georgie’s Alma mater did a write up about Georgie as the lead in Hitman 101 in their school news blog. Link

Jan 9th 2012 – Found this cool and inspiring… Received an email message from Damon Vignale saying: “Great job! Look forward to watching more. And thx for the link to The Vetala”.

Damon created the series The Vetala ( which went on to win not only the Leo Award (B.C. Films Awards) for Best Webseries, but also the Gemini (Canadian Film Awards). Happy someone of that stature is watching our series and some good added pressure to continue to push ourselves to deliver the best show we can!

Jan 7th 2012 – Pulp Movies checked out our series and had this to say in their post: I have just watched the first episode, Always the Hardest, and I have to say that there is a huge amount of potential on show here. So much so that I immediately started watching Episode Two.”

Jan 4th 2012 – Indie Intertube, A Site devoted to Webseries News & Reviews awards us as their “Drama Pick of the Week.”

Jan 2nd 2012 – Strangely awesome… came across the first episode of our series, uploaded by someone else… dubbed in Russian overtop of the English.

Dec 28th – The series is now live. The first 3 episodes are online with episode 4 set to debut next Wednesday January 4th. Spent the day getting the word out through the limited avenues we have, and now it’s back to working on future episodes… seeing as though we’ve just gone and given ourselves deadlines…

Dec 27th – Last minute preparations before the launch of our series. Will be spending this evening making closed captions for the first 3 episodes. Then tomorrow will be releasing the episodes and trying as best we can to spread the word (though our reach is fairly limited). Scheduled as an 8pm release, but as it’s the holidays, they may appear online earlier in the day – latest they will be online is 8pm Pacific.

Dec 14th – Though updates haven’t been forthcoming, a lot of work has been done on the project, with the help of a small post production team assembled to do the audio editing, original music and visual fx. It’s time to once again throw caution to the wind… despite still having almost all episodes needing large amounts of post production work we’re going to debut on Dec 28th 2011 with the first 3 episodes, then start releasing weekly beginning January 4th 2012.

Nov 6th – Wishing this update could be a lot better than it is. Since our last random update (Oct.19), we have had mass internet problems which consumed way too much time for what it was worth. The site was down for over a week and a phone bill skyrocketed making calls to Phoenix Arizona to try and remedy the mess. Site is back and we also picked up the domain as an easier way to promote the site as opposed to (both work). Just added 8 new promo pics to our photo gallery. These are actual framegrabs from the series. As for status… 95% picture lock. Meeting with the composer tomorrow, have a sound editor working on episode 1 and a vfx guy doing various fixes to the project.

Nov.1st. – Released the teaser trailer as promised… though we had hoped to release it with an update on when the show is going to be released. Unfortunately, life got busy, website had glitches and we didn’t progress as fast as we had hoped. So though we released the teaser, we didn’t accompany it with any type of a promotional boost. When we have a set date of release, then we’ll begin to try and bring more attention to the series.

Oct 19th – Pretty close to picture lock. Have been trying really hard to make it so the project can be released before the end of 2011, and have been editing as much as we can to make our goal. Had our sound guy Alex over this evening – as our first test audience. The feedback was quite positive. We then discussed sound stuff and he’s now starting in on some sound design. We’ve also been in discussion with a composer and a vfx editor. Progress is being made. Planning on releasing a teaser preview trailer on Nov.1st.

Sept 28th – Officially Wrapped Principal Photography!!  We shot the last remaining scene we had been waiting on a time and place to shoot, and now it’s complete!  On Tuesday night (27th) we also shot a bunch of scenes for bonus material for the series.  Now it’s full on editing of the series – which has been ongoing.

Sept 26th – Not exactly sure of the point of dating this update… the month of September has been spent editing, writing bonus material, shooting bonus material, and shooting one of the two remaining scenes left in the film.  Tuesday night we aim to shoot more bonus material and hopefully during this week shoot the one last scene in the film.  As for editing, 10 episodes are now rough cut with the remaining 2 partially cut.  Dream scenario we start releasing episodes in November, but that is more a pipe dream than reality at this moment.

Sept 1st – Have been shooting lots but updating little.  We have shot over 90% of the series with only 3 scenes left to shoot. (barring any reshoots).

Aug 31st – Had another photoshoot with the bulk of the remaining cast and crew.  Another fun night but was also bittersweet as the shooting is nearing completion and we won’t be getting to hang out and work with all the great cast we were blessed to have on this project.

Aug 9th – Been a while since adding to this page.  We went head first into shooting the series for 2 weeks straight starting on the 23rd of July.  We shot for 11 days out of 16 and are over half done the shoot. (Have been updating the Journal with all the details.)

July 9 & 10 – Shot the main sequence from episode 3.  Had a great time with actor Steve Weller and lead Georgie Daburas running rampant at our condo complex.  If only every shoot could be this fun and have such freedom to just shoot.  Did a rough cut on Sunday to see how it turned out and am quite happy with it.  A good weekend.

July 4th – Shot the “prelude” with our lead and character actor John Andrew Vaas.

June 30th – Did a photo shoot with some of our cast working with Photographer Seth Rutledge complimented by Make-Up done by Andy Stockman and ran efficiently by Victoria Angell (who we’re hoping we can convince to help with production too)

June 29th – Went to  DVC Indoor Shooting Center with our main cast and shot some real guns.

June 14th – Cast a pivotal role today. Knew this actor would be perfect, had them stop by for a quick read through and they got the part on the spot.

June 12th – Cast 2 more roles, had a good location scouting day and worked on a tentative schedule.

June 4th – Making of Journal for Series now live –

May 31st – Met with one of our cast and worked out his wardrobe buying a few interesting outfits.

May 26th 2011 – Held our last audition.  We held 6 total and are now confident we can cast our series (though there are several roles where we like more than one person – which sucks to have to choose one quality actor/person over another, but that’s how she goes)

May 10th 2011 – Had a Great Night of Callbacks and think we’ve got some solid pieces of our cast in the making.  Also the casting team went and saw Thor in 3-D after.  Pretty fun night.

May 3rd 2011 – Updated Site for Hitman 101.

May 2nd 2011 – Had meeting with Casting Director Josette Jorge and Producer Ric S. Lee to finalize our short list of potential cast for the lead roles.

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