All Warfare is Based on Deception

Confusion abound, Jigsaw is a 6 episode non chronological cerebral neo-noir crime thriller about a man with an unique talent in a story that unfolds itself in pieces until the full scope of it is revealed.

This is a playlist of the series. Each episode will play after the last automatically. *includes outtake reel as 7th video


  • Marty Gage
  • Brad Checknita
  • Simon Hussey
  • Robert L. Duncan
  • Steven Summerall
  • Mak Parhar
  • Guy Lockhart
  • Bob Rathie
  • Ian Gustafson


  • Music by Colin Andrew Ford
  • Sound Design by Alex Shamku & Steven Summerall
  • Props, Locations, Dolly Grip, Grip, Jack of All Trades, Life-Saver – Ian Gustafson
  • Written, Directed, Edited, Shot by, Produced by Scott Staven

About: Jigsaw is an exercise in solo filmmaking by Scott Staven. Trying the Robert Rodriguez “Rebel Without A Crew” approach, Scott undertook making this microbudget show doing all facets of production other than acting and music (*add sound design to that as Alex Shamku has helped with the sound design for the digital series). Jigsaw was shot for $400 – until a last minute need for Location Insurance bumped the total up to $1150. Jigsaw was shot over a two week period with a few pick up shoots after the fact. It was originally shot on a Standard Definition Camera Panasonic DVX100 Camera. HD Conversion has been done in post to make it 720p. Extensive post production color correction was done to give Jigsaw it’s gritty look and feel. The idea behind the style is that it loosely plays like someone trying to piece a puzzle together without knowing what it’s supposed to be. We expect it to be a polarizing series, one that may frustrate some viewers. But, we feel there is a pay off once the full story is revealed, just hope people stick with it long enough to understand it.

**Disclaimer: Jigsaw is not a new project for Bad Guy Films.  Jigsaw was originally shot as a feature length film several years back and has been floating in obscurity as a feature length cut and also has lived as a short film at one time or another.  After making Hitman 101 out of pocket and solely on our own, the ability to start up a new production has been a bit hard to pull off.  Having the need to be creative, recutting Jigsaw as an online series has given us the ability to keep the creative juices flowing and hopefully allows us to showcase this unique story to an audience.  The film isn’t without it’s faults, but we think it’s style and story will be enjoyed by some and that there are performances and the music of Colin Andrew Ford which deserve to be seen.  We hope the show is enjoyable or at the very least sticks in your head.

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