All Warfare is Based on Deception

Confusion abound, Jigsaw is a six episodeĀ  neo-noir crime thriller about a man with an unique talent in a story that unfolds itself in pieces.

This is a playlist of the series. Each episode will play after the last automatically. *includes outtake reel as 7th video


  • Marty Gage
  • Brad Checknita
  • Simon Hussey
  • Robert L. Duncan
  • Steven Summerall
  • Mak Parhar
  • Guy Lockhart
  • Bob Rathie
  • Ian Gustafson


  • Music by Colin Andrew Ford
  • Sound Design by Alex Shamku & Steven Summerall
  • Props, Locations, Dolly Grip, Grip, Jack of All Trades, Life-Saver – Ian Gustafson
  • Written, Directed, Edited, Shot by, Produced by Scott Staven