I Am Not A Superhero, This Is Strictly Revenge

In the midst of beginning development on Hitman 101, I came across a fake trailer contest in conjunction with the release of Hobo With A Shotgun in theaters and decided last minute to partake. Using a title I came up with a while back, I created a template for a trailer then threw caution to the wind. I managed to cast the key roles a couple days before going to camera, then luckily had some cool people answer my craigslist pleas for actors and they joined in the mayhem during the shoot. A super fun shoot where I got to meet a bunch of awesome new people – some of which joined us in Hitman 101. Shot it over a weekend with the help of my buddy Ian Gustafson, then spent a few days on post before the deadline to submit. Made it into the top 20 favorites of the makers of Hobo, which was a cool, though making it was reward enough.